Thursday, March 17, 2011

Brief St. Patrick's Day break...

In honor of the St Patrick's day let's take a brief break from reviewing my favorite family history blogs, as I recall a fun family history memory.
This time of year always brings to mind a memory about my Maternal Grandmother who turned 95 last October.
Anytime she had a moment and was walking through a lawn filled with a patch of clover she would suddenly reach down and pick something up gently among the many clover and present to the nearest person - often a grandchild - the prize of a fresh four-leaf clover.
As hard as we grand kids might try, we could never seem to find one ourselves, yet we watched her to it with ease.
Here she is presenting one to my youngest brother in the mid 1980s from our family's front lawn.
Amazingly enough, as far as I know she has absolutely no Irish ancestry, but sure seemed to have the luck-of-the-Irish in finding these natural treasures.
Her eyesight doesn't really let her do this anymore, so I found one for her this year. 
Happy St Patrick's Day whether you are Irish or not!!

How to Find Four-Leaf Clover

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The next blog in the favorites list.....
THE Genealogy Blog

Ya gotta love the title 'cause that's what it is! Although I added the capitalized "THE" in front of  Genealogy Blog - written by one of my all-time favorite people - Leland Meitzler. 
He doesn't know it, but he is one of the primary reasons that I decided to become a genealogy speaker.  It was his easy-going, enthusiastic style of energizing presentations that I hope to employ as as speaker. He really enjoys what he is doing and works to engage with those in the class to better their experience.  His knowledge of family history research, and the skills required runs, deep within him and are reflected in the many stories and examples he shares with rapt audiences.
As far as his blog goes, it was one of the first that I really remember seeing and hearing about regularly in the genealogy blogosphere and I have followed it from those early days.
Leland brings so many eclectic things to the table when writing about what may be happening in genealogy...or is about to happen.  News, oddities, upcoming events, insights, and experiences abound as he shares and often uncovers unheard of news tidbits.
Leland also has many other irons in the fire with his Family Roots Publishing Company that provides regular specials and upcoming events through his blog as well as a regular newsletter.
I hope it doesn't sound to much like some strange stalker, but "Leland, I am watching you! (And wishing you many more years of all that you do for genealogy)"

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Holy Blogging Tools Batman!

It's Geneabloggers!  A wonderful, amazing and powerful resource for all things related to blogging in the exciting world of genealogy.
Thomas MacEntee owns and administers this tool that I have found extremely helpful and encouraging as I prepared to begin my own blog to share with others.
If you are thinking about blogging and just haven't been quite ready to do so for whatever reason, check out the variety of ideas and helps that are available to you there.
Thomas also has a variety of his own blogs and is a very dynamic speaker with a focus on using technology and social media to improve how we work together as family history enthusiasts and improve our own research at the same time. 
Here's to Thomas and all of the other bloggers that contribute to this phenomenal tool on the blogging tool belt!

See Dick Run . . .

That should probably be the real title for the next blog on my list - Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter written by genealogy technologist Dick Eastman as he is is always on the go both physically as well as technologically.
If you haven't ready his free newsletter - offered in blog format - or the more advanced paid version, you may be one of the few out there in the genealogy world sadly left out of this informational extravaganza! 
I really enjoy Dick's straightforwardness on all things related to technology, and other topics sprinkled liberally throughout his very regular postings, on how we do things as genealogists and how these tools/concepts affect our lives.
I can't begin to list the number of hints that I have gotten from Dick and his readers, who regularly comment and share other insights about the themes at hand.
All I can say is, Go Dick Go!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Good Ol' Myrt....

I can't say enough about our next blogger.  I have followed her since some of her early days online when I was just starting college. We finally got to meet when she moved out West to get away from all of those long Florida summers <grin>. I am of course talking about DearMYRTLE (aka - Pat Richley-Erickson), that wonderful down-to-earth genealogy guru that many know and love.
DearMYRTLE has done about everything there is to do in genealogy.  Besides her blog, she has done podcasts, webinars, books, online lesson materials, panel discussions, et cetera, et cetera, etc.   Boy, I wish I knew where she finds all the time!
It was DearMYRTLE's recent webinars on blogging (hosted by Legacy Family Tree) that were an amazing help in getting me to finish up all of my preparations for this blog and I so appreciate her advice and tutelage.
Make sure you watch her blog for always-helpful and very practical information on things technical as well as living life as a organized, fun-loving genealogist.  I also hear she is a pretty good grandma as well!

On to the good Doctor....

Next on my list of favorite blogs is one by Arlene Eakle, PhD.  If you ever get a chance to take a class from Arlene I would most strongly recommend it.  Although, I must warn you that many times you may come away hoping to remember half of the wonderful information that she has just rolling of her tongue like it she has known it from birth.  She has contributed to so many different books on such a variety of topics that it would make your head spin.
Her blog - Arlene Eakles Genealogy Blog is a combination of her experiences while doing client research, along with hints, tips and essays on research skills and case studies that she has encountered along the way.  Her blog is also a very good way to keep track of where she is speaking next so that you can attend her presentations and soak up her wisdom and insights.   This is one doctor you don't want to avoid with an apple-a-day!

Hello Big Beautiful Blogospere!!

Hello readers out there in the virtual world of Family History Blogging.   I am very excited to finally be joining many of my wonderful friends and colleagues in the blogosphere.   I look forward to sharing the goings-on in my research, teaching and all that is my passion for family history.
To start off what I wanted to do was tell everyone about some of my favorite blogs.  I know the authors of many of them personally or really, really hope to meet them someday.
You will see as I discuss each one of them, how and why they are important to me.
I am going in alphabetical order according to the list under the Favorite Family History Blogs to the right, that way there hopefully won't be any glaringly obvious favortism.  Believe me it was hard enough to limit it to the ones that I did!  There are many, many amazing bloggers out there and this list only contains a few of them.
The Everything Guide to Online Genealogy: A complete resource to using the Web to trace your family history (Everything Series) Let's start with the Genealogy Blog by Kimberly Powell .  She is referred to as the "Genealogy Guide" for and that she most certainly is!  She regularly provides guidance to all sorts of subjects related to genealogy.
She is also the author of the book The Everything Guide to Online Genealogy.  What I love about her blog is that she always describes things in a very user-friendly way and I can always learn something new from one of her timely posts.
Thanks so much Kimberly for sharing your knowledge!