Thursday, March 17, 2011

Brief St. Patrick's Day break...

In honor of the St Patrick's day let's take a brief break from reviewing my favorite family history blogs, as I recall a fun family history memory.
This time of year always brings to mind a memory about my Maternal Grandmother who turned 95 last October.
Anytime she had a moment and was walking through a lawn filled with a patch of clover she would suddenly reach down and pick something up gently among the many clover and present to the nearest person - often a grandchild - the prize of a fresh four-leaf clover.
As hard as we grand kids might try, we could never seem to find one ourselves, yet we watched her to it with ease.
Here she is presenting one to my youngest brother in the mid 1980s from our family's front lawn.
Amazingly enough, as far as I know she has absolutely no Irish ancestry, but sure seemed to have the luck-of-the-Irish in finding these natural treasures.
Her eyesight doesn't really let her do this anymore, so I found one for her this year. 
Happy St Patrick's Day whether you are Irish or not!!

How to Find Four-Leaf Clover

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