Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The next blog in the favorites list.....
THE Genealogy Blog

Ya gotta love the title 'cause that's what it is! Although I added the capitalized "THE" in front of  Genealogy Blog - written by one of my all-time favorite people - Leland Meitzler. 
He doesn't know it, but he is one of the primary reasons that I decided to become a genealogy speaker.  It was his easy-going, enthusiastic style of energizing presentations that I hope to employ as as speaker. He really enjoys what he is doing and works to engage with those in the class to better their experience.  His knowledge of family history research, and the skills required runs, deep within him and are reflected in the many stories and examples he shares with rapt audiences.
As far as his blog goes, it was one of the first that I really remember seeing and hearing about regularly in the genealogy blogosphere and I have followed it from those early days.
Leland brings so many eclectic things to the table when writing about what may be happening in genealogy...or is about to happen.  News, oddities, upcoming events, insights, and experiences abound as he shares and often uncovers unheard of news tidbits.
Leland also has many other irons in the fire with his Family Roots Publishing Company that provides regular specials and upcoming events through his blog as well as a regular newsletter.
I hope it doesn't sound to much like some strange stalker, but "Leland, I am watching you! (And wishing you many more years of all that you do for genealogy)"

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