Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What to say about Renee!?

The next blog that I have the pleasure to review from my favorite's list is Renee's Genealogy Blog.  If you haven't had the pleasure of checking out Renee's blog, make sure to make it a priority.  This blog was one of the very first that I ever really started to follow closely.  From the beginning, it was fun to watch to see who among some of the best known bloggers would get "scooped" by her on some tidbit of genealogy news.
She has contacts in the industry that regularly trust her to help disseminate information in a thoughtful and timely way.  This results in her often hearing about - or getting a different twist - on what things are going on and how they might affect us in our research.
I have also had the pleasure to know her personally for many years now and appreciate her friendship, research knowledge and support.  In fact, she had the great distinction <grin> of being the first to welcome me to the genealogy blogosphere with a comment on my first post!
So, what to say about Renee?!  She will make your day as she blogs away!

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