Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chillin' with the Chart Chick

The next blog review from my favorites list is the The Chart Chick.  This blog by Janet Hovorka, reflects her connection to the Generation Maps company that she started with her husband Kim.
Their company is a fantastic online genealogy chart printing service and Janet is a fantastic speaker and friend to genealogy.  In addition to blogging, she also serves as the Utah Genealogical Association President and teaches at a local community college. She is one busy lady!
After my comments regarding sources in the last blog review,  it's ironic that Janet would be next in line.  Among her many wonderful and interesting presentation titles are ones that she gives where she discusses the importance and value of citing sources.  She does this in a very user-friendly and straightforward way.
To give you an example, during one presentation at RootsTech 2011 she said, "Well documented sources establish the credibility of the researcher, and well documented sources help in analyzing the research of another person.  Citing your sources doesn’t have to be a perfect science. Record enough information so that another researcher can follow your path and not have to redo your research. It is also important to record any analysis surrounding the source. Record why you think this is a good or bad source and why you came to that conclusion.
It is this type of easy-to-understand explanation of the importance of source citations that most users can relate to and accept. This is the reason that it is such a pleasure to be working with Janet on the Education Committee for UGA where we are working hard to bring tools to researchers to help them improve their skills.
Janet's blog shows her unique awareness as a researcher, teacher and vendor when she explores the goings-on in the genealogy world.  She often gives one something to think about as you read about her take on how we do things as researchers and conference attendees.  Cheers to the Chart Chick!

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