Thursday, January 26, 2012

Arizona Was Lovely This Time of Year

I am finally getting a quick moment to talk about my recent trip to Arizona to teach at the Mesa Arizona Family History Expo.  It was my first chance to teach at this particular expo and I had a great time giving four different presentations.   I also had the chance to stay with family during my visit and to enjoy the warm sunshine since things recently turned cold and snowy in Utah.

 Just before the trip I was given a preview copy of Lisa Louise Cooke's new book - Everything you need to know about... How to Find Your Family History in Newspapers (see this link) - to review before my upcoming class on newspaper research at the conference.
Well, after reading the book on the plane down to Phoenix, I was certainly excited about suggesting it to the class.  This class is one where I explore the many different kinds of things that might be found in newspapers and show a variety of examples to get people thinking about what is out there.  Then we briefly discuss some tips for searching and more ideas and many links are included in the syllabus.

 Lisa's book would be a valuable addition to the class because it goes into so much more detail about the search process for newspapers. It also includes checklists and worksheets, as well as a plethora of links and a case study showing how she used newspapers to solve a research problem with her own family history.  I told Lisa at the conference that it just thrills me how detailed and specific she was in providing users with such a COMPLETE reference tool for newspaper research.  Can you tell that I liked it?!
I met many wonderful people at the conference, had some great chats about research and answered many questions after each of my presentations. I was so busy in fact that I hardly got to visit any vendors in the Exhibit Hall.

I am looking forward to RootsTech in a week! It will be a chance to talk with several vendors and catch up with friends I didn't get to speak with in Mesa. I also am looking forward to getting to know many of the geneabloggers and have even promised to do the 'bump' with several of them. (more about that later) It won't be as warm outside as it was in Arizona, but I am sure the conference with be hot, hot, hot!

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