Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Bucket List GeneaMeme

Jill Ball, the Australian genealogy blogger at has started a new  blogging meme …. The Bucket List GeneaMeme

The list should be annotated in the following manner:
Things you would like to do or find: Bold Type
Things you haven’t done or found and don’t care to: plain type
You are encouraged to add extra comments after each item. 

1. The genealogy conference I would most like to attend is - Who Do You Think You Are Live!
2. The genealogy speaker I would most like to hear and see is – John Philip Colletta 
3. The geneablogger I would most like to meet in person is – Kerry Scott from (there are many others though that I am hoping to meet at RootsTech, including Jill Ball herself)
4. The genealogy writer I would most like to have dinner with is - D. Joshua Taylor (others would be invited too! <grin>)
5. The genealogy lecture I would most like to present is - Any.  I love to speak about genealogy - and I am hoping to someday break into the national conferences.
6.  I would like to go on a genealogy cruise that visits Italy, England and Denmark. (Italy because it fascinates me and the other two because they as well,  are ancestral roots locations)
7. The photo I would most like to find is - my 3rd great grandfather, Jens Pedersen.
8. The repository in a foreign land I would most like to visit is the British National Archives
9. The place of worship I would most like to visit is – any church where an ancestor worshiped.
10. The cemetery I would most like to visit is - Falmouth Cemetery, Cornwall, England where my 3rd Great Grandparents Joseph John Williams and his wife Johannah Trippconey had to leave behind the graves of 7 young children to emigrate from England to the United States in 1868.
11. The ancestral town or village I would most like to visit is - Bråby, Sorø, Denmark or Tankersley, Yorkshire, England
12. The brick wall I most want to smash is - who were Jens Pedersen's birth parents. He was a foundling in Denmark, born in 1807.
13. The piece of software I most want to buy - I need the upgrade to AniMap 3.0
14. The tech toy I want to purchase next is - an iPad
15. The expensive book I would most like to buy is - probably going to be one that I find at the Family Roots Publishing booth at RootsTech. (so glad they were re-invited!)
16. The library I would most like to visit is - Library of Congress (I got to go last summer, but it was way to brief a visit)
17. The genealogy related book I would most like to write is - (I don’t have time to even think about writing a book!)
18. The genealogy blog I would most like to start would be about  - (I don’t want to start another blog until I have more time!)
19. The journal article I would most like to write would be about - (Why genealogy speakers are valuable and how to not take them for granted)
20. The ancestor I most want to meet in the afterlife is - This is a tough one because I don't know if I want to risk being where he might be, but I would love to see if George Burkinshaw‎ - Born 8 April 1821, Thurgoland, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England and Died 22 December 1901‎, Tankersley Barnsley, Yorkshire, England was a mean and nasty of a guy as his close relative describe.

I invite you to list your genealogy "Bucket List" items in the comments, or go to the Geniaus blog and add your list to Jill's comments.  If you have your own blog, please join the meme and pass it on! 


  1. Thanks, Bret for your responses and thanks for the compliment - do drop by the media hub at Rootstech and say G'day.

    How sad for your ancestors to have buried 7 young children.

    1. Very sad. And that isn't the end of the story of course. They buried 7 before they left England and then 5 more of their 17 total children preceded them in death once in the United States. Amazingly I am a descendant of their first child who lived to 76 years of age.