Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weather Is Beautiful, Wish You Were Here

I just finished attending and presenting a another wonderful event hosted by Family History Expos in St George, Utah.
I wasn't able to go last year and was excited to have another chance to have a quick weekend away with my wife to Utah's "Dixie" about 90 minutes north of Las Vegas.
The weather last time we came was so-so and rained off and on, but this time it has been gorgeous and sunny in the mid-to-upper 60s.  When we left home from up in central Utah there were some frigid north winds blowing with a high in the 30s, so these temps were a welcome change.
Outside the Dixie Center in St George, Utah
I taught 3 different classes at this conference and  each one went well and was full of students anxious to learn. The class time for each was only 50 minutes, so sadly I didn't have much time for questions. Therefore, I  often had students visiting after class and promising to email me for further discussion.
I taught two classes on Friday. The first class was on locating family, local and county histories online. The second one is a popular one on various "Cloud" technologies that can assist in organizing, backing up and syncing your family history and genealogy research data.  We also discussed some applications that allow you to create or modify documents or media. (See the new tab header for some of those tools in my Digital/Cloud Toolbox.)  On Saturday I had the chance to teach a class exploring criminal, prison and asylum records and resources for what I call the "Shady" side of your family tree.   A great conference overall!
 If you were there, what class (mine or someone else's) was your favorite? Share your comments.

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  1. I was at the St. George classes you taught about online histories and about the "shady" side of the family tree. I wish I had been able to attend the other class you taught as well. They were fascinating and informative sessions-I wish they had been longer than 50 minutes. I hope you will come back and teach next year too.