Tuesday, January 15, 2013

AV Nerds Rock!...As Does Josh Taylor

Well my first day of being the AV Nerd for the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG) is over and if I do say so myself, it has been a great success. Of course I must give a big shout out to the AV crew here at the hotel.  They have been absolutely wonderful to work with and have bent over backwards to assist or deal with my sometimes wild ramblings about last second changes or adjustments to the tech/setup in a classroom.

Now on to the fun part. I wanted to give a brief rundown of the course that I am attending each day to help others see the benefit of coming to SLIG.  Also be sure to check out Valerie Elkins blog http://familycherished.blogspot.com/ where I know that she is planning to blog about the new "Principles of Forensic Genealogy" course being offered this year. If you know of any others that are blogging this week, please add the link in the comments. I know several other bloggers are here and I am sure will be posting at some time in the future is they don't post during the week.

I was so excited to be able to have the chance to take D. Joshua Taylor's course - "Bridging the 1780-1830 Gap: From New England to the Midwest (and points in between)". This is the first time it has been offered and I am not only a big fan of Josh's, but feel like I have plenty to learn about about not only the time period, but also the places involved.  And boy did I!

We started out the class by Josh walking us through an historical overview of the time period.  When I teach family history classes I always tell my students how much I hated history in school, but that once I learned about putting it into context within my ancestor's lives, it becomes very fascinating. 

There were so many things about this time period that would have completely influenced how people worked, lived and even prayed.  I thought it was fascinating to see how religion through part of the period moved from 1 in 4 people being tied to an organized religion to almost the reverse nearly everyone was involved in religion and even switching around as they reacted to the fervor going on.

We then discussed what Josh called the "Five Jumpstarts" to get going in research for this time period and then on to a session regarding all of the various migration paths and how those affected our ancestors, where they might have stopped and what might have changed their plans. The final session of the day was taught by Elissa Scalise Powell who talked about how "The Mighty Ohio" river played a part for those migrating West and thinking about what pulled or pushed them to new areas as they migrated. 

A full first day to say the least and that doesn't even go into the fun we had during the evening sessions with Tom Jones "Planning Efficient and Effective Research: A Case Study" and the "Genealogy Game Show" with Craig R. Scott. Informative and fun to say the least!

Late Breaking News - Just saw Kimberly Powell's post about SLIG --http://genealogy.about.com/b/2013/01/15/youre-never-done-learning-genealogy-education-scholarship.htm?nl=1

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