Friday, January 11, 2013

Getting My Genealogy Geek On

I am desperately fighting to get myself back into regular blog updates, but life has just kept getting in the way.
After being elected to the Utah Genealogical Association (UGA) Board of Directors last Spring, then being asked to take over their twice-a-year conferences, my regular speaking engagements, along with a myriad of other responsibilities, I have found that blogging moved down the list of priorities.
So genealogy and family history have certainly been a major part of my life, but I  just haven't been blogging about it.
However this next week, I am beyond excited to participate for the first time at UGA's Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy.  I will not only be attending as a genealogy geek, but also assisting the speakers and presenters with their AV issues, hence making me also the resident AV Nerd.
I won't embarrass myself by wearing the standard issue taped glasses, but rest assured that I will be feeling like a giddy geek as I am surrounded by the wonderful people that have worked on the committee under Christy Fillerup's marvelous direction, the attendees anxious to learn and develop their research skills, and the unbelievably talented and knowledgeable faculty.
My schedule has never allowed me to attend, but this year as a member of the board, I decided to volunteer to help out in order to force myself to make it to fit my schedule. Along with that I am hoping to do some blogging about who is there and what we are doing and learning about each day. I know several well-known bloggers will be in attendance and expect that they will be writing about their experiences as well.   So stay tuned. And if you happen be blessed enough to be attending as well, be sure and say hi!

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