Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Workaday Wednesday...Or Not

I was recently laid off from the company where I worked for over 20 years in publishing systems and software. This has left me not only busy with a new day-to-day "job" of networking and looking for new employment, but has left me thinking about my ancestors, the jobs they performed and their work ethic.

I have had to examine where I want to go at this point in my career. Looking at their work backgrounds and goals gives me some insight into my own situation.

Dad home from work
My father had a very similar situation in his employment life when he was slightly older than me. He was successful at what he did in sales for his company, but the company was sold and things changed. It gave him the opportunity to go to work for another company in the same industry and still make use of his skills in helping the new employer grow and value him as an employee.

Gloria Newman Petersen in her 1st grade classroom.

My paternal grandmother, Gloria Petersen, found herself a young widow needing to support 5 children.  She went back to school and finished a degree in teaching and was a loved and admired school teacher until she retired.

Burnell Bybee farm store manager

My maternal grandfather, Burnell Bybee spent time in various jobs using his abilities to become anyone's "best friend" and often worked outside-the-box in being successful at what he did.

My great grandfather Ephraim Jensen loved bike racing so much as a teen that after he was laid off in 1924 from a bike shop, he decided to go into the bicycle business for himself and started his own successful bicycle repair shop.
Ephraim Jensen in his bike shop

Thomas Elliott
My great, great grandfather Thomas Elliott came to the United States in 1887 as a former English coal miner, worked his way up in business, became a lawyer, later a U.S. Commissioner and an Idaho State Senator.

And these are just a few of my ancestors with which I share a common trait. All of us want to get better at what we do and be successful in something that we enjoy.

With my former employer I was able to take my love of newspapers and journalism, along with my skills in technology, management and creativity and help them grow and become a leader in their industry.  

Now I am looking to take some of those same skills into a new arena where I hope to make a difference, help others succeed and hopefully love what I am doing. 

Wish me luck!

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