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The “Shady” Side of the Family Tree – Prison, Criminal, Asylum Records and More
(Beginner - Intermediate)
Come explore the variety of records available for those skeletons in the family closet. Has someone in your family line just simply disappeared in the normal records? Are there some unusual stories that have been passed down? Do you feel like you don’t have the full picture about someone in the family? These records may help clear things up.

Making the Most of Your Mobile Devices
(Beginner – Advanced)
Mobile devices are all around us.  We use them for communicating, playing games and maybe keeping our calendar up-to-date. However, many don't realize all of the ways that they may be helpful in our genealogy research.  Come with us as we explore some of the many ways that one might make the most of the power behind these devices.

Make Time for Timelines 
(Beginner - Intermediate)
Putting your family records in order against a backdrop of a world events not only helps in providing ideas for where to look next, but also helps one understand the context of the time period. Learn tips and tricks on how to quickly create timelines to assist in your research and the tools available to help.

A Case Study for the Research Process
(Beginner - Intermediate)
We will walk through the use of a specialized Research Findings Form that allows you to document what you find from a variety of sources for individuals you are researching. We show this process using a case study of a real research scenario.

Share Your Genealogy and Collaborate with Relatives Online Using PhpGedView
(Beginner - Advanced)
PhpGedView (PGV) is a free internet-based genealogy program that you can use to setup your own genealogy website, edit data online, share source documents, media and histories while collaborating with relatives working on the same family lines.  PGV can do all of the things that a typical desktop genealogy program can do, but it runs over the internet and YOU control the content using a GEDCOM file.

Are You My Mother? – Finding the Maiden Names in Your Tree
In this class we will look various ways that one might look for those elusive maiden names on your family line. We will discuss various types of records and research techniques that can give clues in determining more about “missing” mothers.

Cemetery Symbolism in Stone
(Beginner - Intermediate)
In this class we will learn about and see some of the amazing variety of symbols used on tombstones and memorials -- what they mean and how they can be used to further your research.

Finding Proper Place Names
They were in WHAT county!?   We will look at examples of ways to find out what the county was during the time of the life event and what its proper spelling should be. This is important for having complete/correct records as well as helps in finding other records in the RIGHT location.

Coming to your Census
(Beginner - Intermediate)
Have you lost your census, weren’t sure where to find it in the first place or wonder what you might find there? Learn about the history behind the census, what questions were asked and what you might discover. We will also discuss different search strategies and tips for locating your ancestors within censuses.

Organization: Taming the Paper Monster
(Beginner - Intermediate)
In this class we will look at various ways to organize all that paperwork that is piling up from your family history research. The goal is to organize in such a way that things are easy for YOU to find.

Jumping "the Pond"- research in England
Find out where to start in your English research - what records are available and how to get to them without it being a "royal" pain.

Googling for Grandpa
The internet is a wonderful storehouse of information, but finding what you need can be a challenge. In this class we will explore methods for improving the outcome of your searches.

Using Newspapers in Research: You sNEWS you Lose
(Beginner - Intermediate)
We'll explore what kinds of things can be found in newspapers to assist in our family research.  Find out some of the different ways to locate them and the amazing number of newspapers that are being digitized and becoming available online.

Using the Family History Center Portal
(Beginner – Intermediate)
Find out what about the premium subscription resources that are available for free via this portal available at LDS Family History Centers and what types of information they contain.

What’s in a Name? - Lyons and Tygers and Baers…Oh My!
(Beginner - Intermediate)
Names are everywhere.  But do you understand where they come from?  What do you know about naming patterns? Discover what you might learn from names, their origins, and cultural usages; and how to use this in your research.

Tips to Avoid Barking Up the Wrong Family Tree
What are some of the common mistakes that lead a researcher up the wrong family tree? Find out what they are and how to avoid them.

Books, Books and More Books – Finding Local, County and Family Histories Online
Learn where to find digital books online that can assist you in your research or give you further details about your family, the area where they lived or the culture of the time period. Also, discover places on the web to buy or borrow hard-to-find or non-digitized books.

Your Head in the Cloud and Your Feet on the Ground
(Beginner - Intermediate)
Become familiar with many of the amazing tools available to assist you in your genealogy research. Cloud-based online tools like DropBox, Evernote, Google Tools and XMarks can help connect you on-the-go while still giving you a foundation at home.  Find out how browser add-ons and toolbars can also provide an added boost.

Sources for Vital Records Before They Existed
(Beginner - Intermediate)
Vital records as we know them now haven’t always been required by local or national governments. What were they thinking!? However, when we stop to look at other options for finding (or collaborating) information about births, marriages and deaths; details may be out there in unexpected sources. Let’s review other places to find info about these important life events.

Fun Ideas for Family History Consultants
(Beginner - Intermediate)
In this class we will show and discuss some examples of ways to add a little spark to your Family History Class or other events, using games, homework, humor and morale boosters.

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